Security Products that we supply

We Supply Various Security Gadgets

K001 Body Armour

Ultra-cool Inner Layer
Modular Trauma Pack & Bullet Resistant Pack
Various colours available
Ceramic Plates to upgrade to level III
Six Adjustble settings
Hardwearing Outer Layer

AP – Armour Piercing
FMJ – Full Metal Jacket
JSP – Jacketed Soft Point
LRHV – Long Rifle High Velocity
RN – Round Nose
SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SWC – Wadcutter

1.Battle Jacket – No Ballistic Prevention Capability
-Battle jacket & tactical vest
-Can be made to order

2.Police Complete Rig Belt,Thigh Holster,Handcuff,
Mag & Maglite Pouch
SA03 SA04 SA05 SA06
-Police complete rig
-Police rig belt with thigh holster
-Thigh holster
-Rig Belt

-Silver steel handcuffs with single welded chain link
for strength

4.Chicago Handcuffs with Pouch
-High strength steel with double lock key system moving
interlink connectors for strength
-Colour: black

5.Tuff-Cuff Cable Ties
-The original double nylon restraint.Can be kept in 3
different modes.
* Elongated Mode: Bulk packed for easy case storage
* Concealed Mode: Can be easily carried in pocket,pouch,
glove box,etc
* Ready Mode:Pre-thread the double loops and be ready
for action.
-Double locking to prevent over-tightening (only cuff of its kind that can)
-Double tooth lock for super strength
-Two ID tabs:ID tab remains on subject when center bar is cut.
-Patented safety tip allows for proper insertion only.

6.Whistle With Chain
-Metropolitan British Police Whistle is the original
police whistle carried by all London Metropolitan Police
& 80 other police departments worldwide.Distinctive two
chamber discordant sound.Brass Whistle with nickel plated
(silver) finish.

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